Built by Guild

Strengthening ties to the architectural sector


Guild (formerly KLE Building Group) are the emerging specialists in building homes of ambitious design and complex engineering

Thirty years of combined experience — often working closely with some of Melbourne’s best residential architects — not only gives you experience but also invaluable clarity. The team at KLE Building Group were increasingly enjoying the unique challenges that architecturally-design homes were bringing, and they wanted more. It crystallised their belief in the value of great design and it strengthened their desire to become the go-to builder for architecturally-driven builds.

Assembly were appointed to commence a top-to-bottom evaluation exercise of the brand. How can we better demonstrate that we’re (genuinely) the better choice for architects and home owners? A relatively straightforward question, but home building is a crowded space. Weeks of work and some genuine creative smarts saw a new brand narrative begin to emerge, and was bought to life through naming and identity and an overall repositioning of the brand. The concept of a group with a ‘shared belief’ inspired the name Guild and underpinned the new brand.

“Craftsman, designers, builders, architects; we’re an association of skilled professionals united by an appreciation of quality design. As builders, we’re true believers in the value of highly considered architecture that is both sensitive to its surrounds and will stand the test of time – to be enjoyed now and in to the future.”


Can builders really benefit from brand?

Absolutely. But let’s be honest; history has taught us that builders are not traditionally big investors in marketing and branding. But times are changing.

Sophisticated architects and home-owners are increasingly looking to push the boundaries in design, engineering and use of materials beyond how they were originally intended. So the modern builder of today often faces extraordinary challenges to bring an architectural vision to life. And therein lies the challenge; how to demonstrate you’re a step above the rest? The Guild brand strategy taps into a ‘shared appreciation’ of great design between architect and builder. It’s a common mindset and an honest appetite to help realise a vision, share in the celebration and stay front-of-mind with architects.

Work completed
Brand strategy, naming, brand identity, promotional collateral, responsive website, on-site branding, street poster campaign, social media strategy and stationery