Ciao Mamma

Pasta Bar

A 21st century take on an old favourite


It’s the new Brunswick pasta bar that’s full of flavour and full of character. A home-grown, hands-on story about Italo-Australian families; the personality, the humour and a love of good food


There’s something truly satisfying about authentic Italian. Fresh ingredients, real honesty. It takes heart and soul to make it well. And at Ciao Mamma, it’s getting some added Australian flavour.


Mangia! Mangia!


In Australian homes, having been passed down through the generations, traditional Italian food lives on today. But it’s been reinterpreted with a uniquely Australian touch — salamis hang in the shed, veggies grow under the Hills Hoist, sauce stored in beer bottles, pasta dried over a broom handle. This beautiful blend of culture is where the magic happens; authentic Italian — the pride, passion, freshness and flavours — in a distinctly Australian setting.


It’s a story yet to be effectively captured in a brand — until now. Ciao Mamma is recreating it and celebrating it for the new generation.


Add depth.
Increase engagement.

One of the biggest challenges of any brand is to connect. It runs deeper than just appearances. Ensuring we get this right is paramount, so underpinning our work — as always — is thorough brand strategy. The Ciao Mamma brand story and positioning captures the ‘magic’ – the flavours, smells and memories – of a typical Italo-Australian upbringing. Much like the food itself, it is based on honesty, character and a healthy dose of humour. Importantly, it’s also done with a fresh, modern twist.

As any Italian knows, Mamma is at the heart of any good kitchen and her story lies at the heart of the Ciao Mamma brand. Her enthusiasm, spirit and honesty influence the brand over. And by drawing on extended family stories – the fresh ingredients of Uncle Nonno’s suburban garden, to Uncle Vincenzo’s salami and young son Luca’s bottomless stomach – we had the perfect vehicle to expand the story beyond ‘Mamma’ and highlight the fresh ingredients, flavours and depth of cooking expertise on offer.

Work completed
Brand strategy, naming, brand identity, creative copywriting, illustration, promotional material, street poster campaign