(not your
typical builder)

Repositioning and rebranding a very unusual construction business

Consistently voted one of Australia’s best places to work, Cobild craved a brand that better reflected their culture, and better captured why they are emerging the ‘builder of choice’ in Melbourne

‘Not your typical’. An evocative phrase which underpinned a unique and unapologetic brand.


In a highly active market, with an abundance of builders promising the highest of quality, our primary job was to differentiate. We had to unearth what was unique, and we had to think a little differently. Custom strategy, positioning and a unique narrative — the perfect foundation for a vibrant, new brand.

Not always is there an ‘a-ha’ moment with brand development. But this time there was, and it was a defining moment. ‘Stretch the body, stretch the mind’ we were told, halfway through a strategy session. We knew then we were partnering with a very different type of builder. Definitely ‘un-like’ the others.


So for an ‘un-common’ client, we needed ‘un–typical’ copywriting. Steering clear of generic builder jargon, we instead injected some much-needed personality into the brand language. Underpinned by a foundation of business smarts, we mixed in a little bit of humour to put a smile on your face; and Cobild is now a standout.


A suite of illustrations added depth to the brand and support communications. Executed by the talented Antra Svarcs, they successfully visualised Cobild’s strengths and points of difference. Who doesn’t want to see a builder doing yoga?

Work completed
End-to-end; brand strategy, identity, publication design, digital design, copywriting, signage, production management