Culprit Security

Security systems, done differently


A fresh new face for a team of passionate security specialists, looking to create positive change in their industry

It’s an industry that hasn’t always enjoyed a positive reputation. Sales and installation of security systems, and the companies that support them – has typically been awash with vested interests, cookie-cutter solutions and lock-in contracts that tend to put profits before people. It’s an industry that was stuck in a rut. Culprit (formally JQ Security) came to us with a desire for a fresh new face. As an established business looking to plot a new way forward, they wanted to better tell their story; a story that not only reflected their expertise, but better reflected who they are – a bunch of good people who love good security.


Quite the antithesis of the broader industry reputation, as it turns out.

With a nod to security, the ‘Culprit’ name was born. It was a little ‘out-there’ but that’s exactly what was called for – a memorable name that would help set them apart – and put a smile on your face. It’s a light-hearted approach to business naming that has proven highly successful in highlighting Culprit’s internal culture – a key element that supports their new brand.


Much like Culprit’s approach to business, we humanised the brand by creating a quirky suite of images to underpin the identity, and embody the Culprit personality. Captured in a candid style, they were intentionally portrayed as observational, unexpected moments in the office. Paired with a touch of illustration, it culminated in a brand ‘look & feel’ that couldn’t be further away from their competitors.


Who says security can’t be fun?



Communicating points of difference is a multi-layered exercise. Adding depth to the brand, we crafted a suite of strategic messages for use across various printed and digital collateral – messages that leverage Culprit’s refreshing, straightforward straight tone of voice. ‘Buried in contracts no more’, ‘no jargon or tech babble here’ and ‘we’re keeping it real’ helped drill-down on familiar industry shortcomings and showcase what Culprit does best.


I was all about ‘security done differently’ – which is the Culprit way.

Work completed


End-to-end; brand strategy, naming, identity, website design and development, publication design, illustration, copywriting, branded apparel and production management