Pascoe Vale Gardens

The retirement community that’s young at heart


For retirees (and increasingly non-retirees) many are downsizing early and enjoying the benefits of independent, effortless living

Gone are the days when moving into a retirement village was code for ‘God’s waiting room’. There is a growing trend of non-retirees enjoying the benefits of downsizing early, being part of a vibrant community and enjoying an active, low-maintenance lifestyle.


Alongside these people are those that want the convenience and support of village life in their retirement while they are still physically able to live independently. It makes for a dynamic and spirited environment — a far cry from the cliché of an ‘old peoples home’ — and deserving of a vibrant and modern brand.

What sets Pascoe Vale Gardens apart from the rest? Quite simply, it’s choice — effortless choice. These two little words were very influential in determining the broader brand positioning, creative direction and marketing campaign. The new brand successfully elevated Pascoe Vale Gardens in the market place. Levels of enquiry more than doubled, along with an increase of conversion to sale ratio.


Vibrant and respectful, the new look Pascoe Vale Gardens reflects how most of us see ourselves — young at heart.