The Royce Hotel




Melbourne’s quintessential hotel experience


With a little tongue-in cheek humour and storytelling at its heart, a brand new visual identity for the recently refurbished hotel

Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do…



Inspired by the golden era of hotels in the 1920’s and of course, Henry Royce himself, The new Royce is Melbourne’s ‘quintessential’ hotel experience. Having undergone a major refurbishment, the new hotel is all about a return to greatness; classic simplicity, a touch of glamour and delivered with a little tongue-in-cheek humour to make it truly memorable.


The Royce takes its inspiration from the golden era of hotels. A time of gala events, secret rendezvous and discreet concierges. When the classic cocktails were invented by hotel bartenders and the martinis flowed. It’s a return to greatness where indulgence is expected and fabulous is celebrated.


Modern hotels need to be more than just a place to stay. They need to be an experience – something memorable, and with meaning. It all begins with a story – something The Royce has in spades. The architectural and historical significance of Kellow’s original showroom was recognised with a Heritage Victoria listing in the 1980s. This ensured the protection of the ornate Spanish Mission features when the building was redeveloped as the luxury Royce Hotel in the 1990s.


The stunning renovation draws inspiration from the Hollywood flamboyance and the spirit of indulgence of the Roaring 20s. A lavish ballroom, indulgent eateries, an over-the-top bar and opulently appointed rooms mark a return to greatness for The Royce.

It’s OK to enjoy a little excess…



Much like the Tom Collins cocktail, the original is always the best. No idiosyncratic twists, no interpretations. The pure, unadulterated original. Who are we to argue? The Royce is returning to ‘classic’. But not in a boring, stuffy encyclopedia kind of way. Think of the golden era of hotels where bold, deliberate design meets genuine style and uncompromising quality. Where a touch of flamboyance and indulgence meets honest, personalised service.


In our era of mediocrity, the brand pursues the exemplary, applauds originality and celebrates the fabulous. It’s a never-ending quest that inspires the customer service, adds originality and character to the menus and a unique flavour to the hotel. It’s a sense of theatre and ‘escape’, taking guests on a journey to different times. It’s a quintessential hotel vibe, but with the added depth of informing and entertaining along the way.

Work completed


End-to-end; brand strategy, visual identity, conceptual photography, collateral design, website design, wayfinding signage, illustration, copywriting and production management