IVA Residences


15—17 Livingstone Street, Ivanhoe

Developed by Kincaid, interior design by Bergman & Co.


35 single-level, luxury apartments designed to appeal to the local Ivanhoe buyer


Tailored for the local owner-occupier, IVA is a fine example of a developer that has local sensitivity and long-term legacy firmly in mind.


At home in the heart of Ivanhoe


IVA Residences are designed to sit comfortably within the local streetscape, the red-brick façade houses the first two floors of luxury one, two and three-bedroom apartments, while the sandstone finish of levels three and four steps back respectfully from the street frontage.


Fitting with our philosophy of avoiding the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to property branding, a strategically-led and genuinely bespoke creative campaign was created. And having grown up in the area, our client knew that the project deserved nothing less. It was important that every aspect — from architecture to marketing — remained true to Ivanhoe.

Sales don’t always come easy in residential property marketing — especially in suburbs of particular sensitivity. From architecture and interior design through to meeting Ivanhoe business owners, our team immersed themselves in all aspects of the project. It was only then that a tailored, targeted campaign could be developed in the knowledge that it would be well received by local buyers.

IVA Residences stands as an effective example of how to differentiate from competitors and connect with a mature owner-occupier market. The brand and associated campaign was warm, engaging and personable. It was also an example of how to effectively demonstrate that a product is designed by locals, specifically with local buyers in mind. Benefitting from a campaign that generated 95% sales in the opening 8 weeks, our client also enjoyed substantial exposure and a healthy increase in profile.


Work completed


End–to-end; brand strategy, naming, identity, website design and development, hoarding, sales suite graphics, print collateral, digital and print lead-generation campaign