835 High

Architecture and interiors by Carr Design

Landscaping by Acre Studio


835 High Street Armadale — The Art of Fine Living


The Art of Fine Living; often desired but rarely captured, it’s a pursuit of balanced perfection across luxury and lifestyle. Featuring 26 spacious apartments, including two spectacular rooftop penthouses, 835 High is the result of years of meticulous research and detailing by one of Australia’s most recognised and influential design teams, Carr Design. Without doubt, those buying here will have mastered the art of living well.



The Art of Fine Living



Not only underpinning the campaign, ‘The Art of Fine Living’ narrative also celebrates the Armadale arts precinct in which 835 High resides. To further the concept, we commissioned renowned artist and printmaker Jonathon Lawes from south east London to develop a series of original prints for 835 High. Inspired by the bold geometric structure of the building, the prints playfully interpret the interaction of architecture and foliage which adorn the exterior and terraces. Forming an important part of the project identity, they were also integrated into the renders as artwork on the interior walls ensuring a genuinely seamless campaign.

Collaborations form a significant part of the 835 High story, none more so than the exquisite work of internationally renowned, Sydney-based artist Anna-Wili Highfield. Having eschewed the traditional gallery system with a trajectory that has taken her work from a local designer’s living room to the boutiques of Tiffany and Hermès, Moda commissioned Anna to create a stunning 12 metre high feature piece for the foyer of 835 High Street. Her unique story was captured and celebrated through a very personal interview contained within the marketing collateral.

The incredibly talented landscape architects at Acre Studio are an important chapter in the story of 835 High. From the outset, they partnered with the architecture team to champion a natural integration of greenery in their earliest sketches. The clean, minimal architecture is pared back to allow Acre Studio to inject a natural, beautiful complexity that is wild, yet still highly sophisticated in appearance. From our perspective, it was a joy to celebrate such creativity and design synergy, proving yet another example of why those buying here will have mastered the art of living well.


Eschewing the typical design approach of many property marketing agencies, and inspired by the approach taken by contemporary art galleries, our Assembly design team went about creating a suite of brochures that were fresh, inviting and generous in proportion. Similar to best-practice exhibition compendium design, they utilised a monochromatic color scheme and pared-back layouts to maximise the impact of imagery throughout.


Not wanting to settle for the ‘ordinary’, we took it upon ourselves to collaborate with renowned photographer Gareth Sobey, a regular contributor for Monocle Magazine. Contributing a very personal photographic essay of Armadale — and his own interpretation of its distinct character — it is an observational series of moments that define Armadale, captured in little vignettes of colour, shape and identity.

Work completed


End–to-end; brand strategy, identity, website design and development, render art direction, hoarding, print collateral, digital and print lead-generation campaign